About HDL

How It Started

Scott Hattenburg and Lorie Dilley founded HDL, a civil engineering firm, in 2001. They started as a team of two and quickly expanded by writing numerous proposals. Then the following year, in 2002, Dennis Linnell joined the firm, forming Hattenburg, Dilley, & Linnell.

As the company grew, they secured the firm’s first major project: the Parks Highway MP 72-83 Rehabilitation. This was a remarkable achievement for a newcomer to the industry.

Early Days

In the early days, Scott Hattenburg approached Dave Lundin, a new PE who had recently moved to Alaska. Dave became the first employee at HDL and was given the opportunity to become an owner. Scott and Lorie soon expanded the team by hiring more employees and writing numerous proposals.

With the arrival of Dennis Linnell, the company formed the Transportation Group. To do this, they brought on Jeff Fuglestad, Carita Backman, and Nancy Yarmack, creating a highly competitive engineering team.

The firm originally had a five-year goal of reaching 20-25 employees and earning $5 million in revenue. However, the company surpassed this target in just three years.

HDL Today

HDL has made significant progress over the years. We are proud of our team of 75+ expert engineers, surveyors, geologists, environmental scientists, construction administrators, and support personnel in our Anchorage, Palmer, and Kenai offices.

Our team prioritizes keeping our clients and our employees happy. And HDL’s leadership is committed to the safety, well-being, and growth of our staff.

Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects and are grateful for each experience. Our goal is to continue exceeding expectations and delivering remarkable results to our clients.

A Collaborative Approach x

At HDL, we believe that teamwork is vital to any project’s success. We are committed to upholding our values and strive to be genuine partners with our clients.

We understand that a project’s foundation is built well before the contract is signed. Therefore, we are meticulous in selecting projects and team members that align with our values and expertise. We adopt a team approach to engage and inform all stakeholders throughout a project.

We emphasize communication and transparency to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This collaborative approach enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes that meet our clients’ needs.

Giving Backx

At HDL, we understand the significance of contributing to our local communities and giving back. Our team is committed to making a positive impact through our volunteer efforts and philanthropy.

We take an active part in fundraising and organizing donation drives for local nonprofits. HDL takes pride in the dedication of our team to make a difference in our communities.

History x



The Beginning

Scott Hattenburg and Lorie Dilley had a vision to start their own engineering company. In 2000, they laid the groundwork for what would become Hattenburg & Dilley, LLC.



Opening Ours Doors

Hattenburg & Dilley, LLC officially opened for business in Anchorage and Palmer, Alaska, with a commitment to providing exceptional engineering services.



Welcoming a New Partner

In April 2002, Dennis Linnell joined the Hattenburg & Dilley team and became a partner in the firm. With Linnell's expertise and dedication, the company was renamed Hattenburg, Dilley, & Linnell, LLC.



Surveying and Mapping Added

To better serve clients, HDL expanded its services to include surveying and mapping.



Buzdor Engineering Acquisition

HDL acquired Buzdor Engineering, adding full-time material testing to its list of services and enhancing its ability to provide comprehensive solutions.



Right-of-Way Services Added

The company added right-of-way services, enabling HDL to help clients navigate the complexities of land acquisition and management.



Construction Administration Department Introduced

HDL established a dedicated construction administration services group, improving project efficiency and ensuring quality control.



Company Restructuring

To reflect its growth and evolution, Hattenburg, Dilley, & Linnell became HDL Engineering Consultants, LLC. The company also welcomed three new principals: Mark Swenson, David Lundin, and Jeff Fuglestad.



20th Anniversary Celebration

After two decades of serving clients in Alaska and beyond, HDL Engineering Consultants, LLC celebrated its 20th anniversary, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and innovation.



Changes in Leadership

In 2022, HDL Engineering Consultants, LLC experienced a change in leadership as Jeff Fuglestad retired from his major role within the company. With his departure, Nick Oliveira stepped up to become the company's third Principal. In 2024, David Lundin retired from his role as a Principal and the President of the company. Mark and Nick currently lead the company as Principals in Charge and are supported by owners Heather, Doug, Steve, and Chris.

For over 20 years, HDL has been dedicated to designing infrastructure for Alaska. Our projects range from highways connecting major cities to airports that provide crucial access to remote villages. We are proud of the positive impact our work has on the state’s infrastructure and its residents.

In 2021, HDL celebrated its 20th anniversary. So to honor this milestone, we created a book of our journey and accomplishments over the years. Click here to learn more about HDL’s history and our dedication to the community.

HDL 20th Anniversary Book Cover

Our Founders x

Scott Hattenburg, PE


Lorie Dilley, PhD, PE, CPG


Dennis Linnell, PE


What Guides Us x


To provide responsible infrastructure solutions by engaging clients, empowering employees, and exceeding expectations.


To make Alaska better, be the preferred firm for clients, and provide a great place to work.


Values such as integrity, teamwork, quality, respect, and positivity are the foundation that formed HDL 20 years ago and guide us still today.