ANTHC Water & Sewer Upgrades

Project Detailsx


Location: Various Rural Villages, AK

Year Completed:2018-present


> Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Investigation
> Hydrogeological Services
> Environmental Services & Permitting
> Surveying
> Cost Estimating
> Public Involvement
> Construction Administration


Project Overview x

Since 2018, HDL has assisted ANTHC with water and sewer upgrades in various rural villages throughout the state. These projects often involve large, multidiscipline teams and subcontractors to develop preliminary engineering reports (PERs) for sanitation projects. These PERs include a preliminary design and third-party construction cost estimate for several project alternatives. ANTHC can then use these reports to acquire design funding for the water and sewer improvements.

In addition to developing PERs, HDL has provided designs for multiple water and sewer projects as well as limited construction administration services for select projects. For some communities, this is the first water service to be installed. Before design and construction, HDL traveled to each community to discuss the maintenance and costs of the water service with the homeowners. Solutions were tailored to fit each community’s environment, soils, topography, and goals – whether piped water and sewer, PASS systems, conventional septic systems, or hauled water. Our team’s goal was to listen to the community and stakeholders to find multiple options to solve their challenges and to educate stakeholders about the impacts of the options selected.

Projects completed under this term contract include:

  • Perryville Community Water Source PER
  • Hughes Low-Pressure Sewer System (LPS) PER
  • Mertarvik Deep Water Barge Access Design
  • BLAR Ramp Extension
  • Mertarvik Wide Road Extension
  • Port Graham Outfall Consolidation
  • Scattered Sites First Service Water and Sewer PERs
  • Ruby Well and Septic Design
  • Nikolai Well and Septic Design
  • Koyukuk Wells, Plumbing, and Septic Design
  • Sand Point Lift Station Upgrades
  • Ambler Service Connection and Honey Bucket Disposal
  • Selawik Water and Sewer
  • Circle PER
  • Birch Creek PER
  • Hughes One Home Service
  • Chalkyitsick PER
  • Rampart Business Plan
  • Ruby 26 Homes Wells, Plumbing and Sewer Service
  • Tyonek Lagoon
  • Nikolai 1 Home well and Septic Design