Atqasuk Geophysical Study

Project Detailsx

Client: North Slope Borough

Location: Atqasuk, AK

Year Completed:2019


> Geophysical Evaluations
> Seismic Surveys


Project Overview x

HDL’s expertise in design services was called upon when the North Slope Borough (NSB) requested an evaluation of the potential for bedrock in the area to be developed as a material source for the Atqasuk Airport Rehabilitation Design project. Not only did HDL provide design services for the airport project, but the team also conducted a thorough geophysical evaluation to determine the feasibility of using bedrock as a material source.

The geophysical evaluation performed by HDL included a range of methods to assess the bedrock in the area. The team conducted seismic surveys at two identified outcrops from previous reconnaissance, as well as several other selected locations near Atqasuk. Additionally, HDL conducted seismic surveys at various locations, including along the airport embankments, near the abandoned Meade River mine, and at a linear feature located approximately 15 air miles east of Atqasuk.

The data gathered during the seismic surveys measured the shear wave velocities of subsurface materials to a depth of up to 100 feet below the ground surface. Using this information, HDL was able to locate potential material sources and provide a detailed geophysical report to the NSB, interpreting the data in a clear and concise manner.

With HDL’s assistance, the NSB was able to make an informed decision regarding the use of bedrock as a material source for the Atqasuk Airport Rehabilitation Design project. HDL’s expertise and commitment to quality ensured that the geophysical evaluation was conducted thoroughly and accurately, providing the NSB with valuable information to inform their decision-making process.