America’s Water Infrastructure Act RRA and ERP Updates

Project Detailsx

Client: City of Palmer and City of Kenai

Location: Southcentral, AK

Year Completed:2021


> Engineering Planning & Design
> Water System Modeling
> Water Distribution System Design
> Wastewater Collection System Design


Project Overview x

After America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) requires any community drinking water system serving more than 3,300 people to develop risk and resilience assessments (RRAs) and emergency response plans (ERPs) every five years.

Why? In recent years, water security has become a top priority. Planning for potential risks – such as intentional contamination to water supply or earthquake damage to a treatment facility – will help communities develop proactive strategies to maintain critical water infrastructure before disaster strikes. Failure to comply with AWIA can lead to steep fines for the community and leave them vulnerable to disasters.

HDL worked with the City of Palmer and the City of Kenai to ensure each community had the necessary RRA before the June 30, 2021, deadline. To do this, our team helped the cities assess and prepare for water supply threats and determine appropriate responses to threats. This work not only keeps the communities eligible for federal funding for improvement projects but also protects critical water infrastructure and ensures these communities can deliver safe, clean drinking water to residents, even during emergencies.