AWWU Land Survey Services

Project Detailsx

Client: AWWU

Location: Anchorage, AK

Year Completed:2017-present


> Surveying & Mapping


Project Overviewx

The Survey Department at HDL has worked with AWWU on standalone and term contracts since 2017 providing surveying and mapping services. Under this contract, our surveyors have consistently provided deliverables on time and under budget while strictly adhering to AWWU’s Design and Construction Practices Manual (DCPM).

HDL has completed more than fifteen task orders for AWWU, twelve of which included water improvements, and three of which were sewer improvement projects. For these tasks, detailed design surveys were performed that included thorough searches for all property control adjoining the baseline, GPS ties for control, location of above and below-ground utilities and improvements, ground topography, detailed notes, and photos of the condition and features of water, sewer, and storm drain structures. Design-ready Plan & Profile (P&P) sheets contained all of the information gathered by the field survey. Survey control sheets were prepared showing MOA vertical control and baseline control for construction. All work was completed per the DCPM.