Birchwood Airport Taxiway and Apron Pavement Reconstruction

Project Detailsx

Client: DOT&PF

Location: Birchwood, AK

Year Completed: 2018


> Aviation Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Engineering
> Environmental Services
> Public Involvement
> Surveying & Mapping
> Construction Administration


Project Overviewx

In 2018, HDL successfully completed the Birchwood Airport Taxiway and Apron Pavement Reconstruction project. Our comprehensive services encompassed aviation design, surveying, environmental tasks, EDR, CSPP, ESCP, PS&E, attendance at public meetings, and support throughout the bidding and construction phases. All of this was executed within a demanding timeframe.

The project scope involved the reconstruction of 126,000 square yards of taxiway and apron pavement, along with the removal and replacement of over 100 aircraft tie-downs. Additionally, we conducted topsoil and seeding activities and installed new pavement markings.

During the design phase, HDL diligently explored various pavement reconstruction alternatives. Ultimately, it was decided to utilize FASBC to bolster the pavement section. This choice maximized the reutilization of existing materials, reduced construction expenses, minimized disruptions to airport operations, and expedited the construction process.

Throughout the construction phase, we maintained close collaboration with DOT&PF Construction Engineers to swiftly address any field-related challenges or changes in conditions. This proactive approach ensured the project’s successful progression.