Douglas Highway Surface & Sidewalk Repairs, Stage 1

Project Detailsx

Client: DOT&PF Southcoast

Location: Juneau, AK

Year Completed: 2022


> Construction Administration
> Material Testing & Inspection


Project Overviewx

The Douglas Highway runs along the east side of Douglas Island across from Juneau and, along with the Gastineau Channel Bridge, provides the only access between Douglas and Juneau. This route is used by vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians – rain or shine. The bridge and the portion of the highway south of the bridge needed pavement resurfacing, storm drain repairs, and sidewalk improvements.

This project constructed storm drain improvements, including cure-in-place pipe, pipe slip lining, riprap for erosion protection, and new inlet structures. Pedestrian improvements included replacing curb ramps and sidewalks to improve accessibility for all users. In addition, the roadway was resurfaced, and new traffic signs and markings were constructed.

HDL’s construction administration (CA) team provided onsite inspection and material testing services throughout the entire construction season. HDL worked collaboratively with the design team and the construction contractor to quickly find solutions to challenges that arose during construction. Our CA team also responded promptly to questions, submittals, and change orders. This helped to keep the work on schedule, and the project was completed in one season, as planned.

This project also planned to replace the four expansion joints on the bridge. However, the existing condition of the expansion joints necessitated a different design solution, which was beyond the scope of this resurfacing project. HDL worked together with the construction contractor and DOT&PF Southcoast to negotiate the reduced scope of work for this major bid item.