Gambell Barge Header

Project Detailsx

Client: AEA

Location: Gambell, AK

Year Completed:2021


> Planning & Design
> Environmental Permitting
> Construction Administration


Project Overviewx

In Gambell, a community tank farm faced the issue of not being able to receive fuel from a barge, leading to the costly option of flying in small volumes of fuel. HDL responded immediately to assist the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) with procuring necessary materials for the community.

HDL also designed a new barge header that included approximately 2,500 feet of buried, 3-inch, Schedule 80 gasoline and diesel pipelines. The project involved the installation of pipelines between the existing barge mooring and the Corporation tank farm to replace the existing corroded header pipe that had been damaged by exposure to the saltwater environment.

HDL’s design included the installation of fill in depressions along the pipe alignment that collect seawater during storm surges, resolving the issue of corrosion. However, the COVID-19 pandemic prevented HDL’s team from traveling to perform the site investigation and topographical survey, so they relied on available Alaska DCCED mapping information and photographs from the tank farm operator to maintain the project schedule.

Despite these challenges, HDL’s team developed final design drawings and specifications within three weeks of receiving the Notice to Proceed. This allowed the project to proceed on schedule, and the new barge header was successfully installed. The community tank farm in Gambell can now receive fuel from a barge, eliminating the need for expensive air transportation and ensuring reliable access to fuel for the community.