Houston School Material Testing & Inspection

Project Detailsx

Client: Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Location: Houston, AK

Year Completed: 2022


> Material Testing
> Special Inspection


Project Overviewx

After the 2018 earthquake, the Houston Middle School suffered extensive damage, rendering it unfit for reopening. In its place, a new high school was constructed and opened in 2022. HDL played a vital role in facilitating the successful construction of the new school by offering specialized inspections and field/laboratory testing services. Our experienced professionals meticulously examined the construction documents and worked closely with the contractor to conduct inspections in accordance with industry standards.

To guarantee the structural integrity and safety of the school, our team performed a range of tests and inspections, including concrete, density, and grout testing. Additionally, we provided long-standing quality assurance services to inspect the structural steel bolting and welds. Through collaboration with the contractor and leveraging our expertise, HDL proactively identified and resolved any issues at an early stage, thereby minimizing delays and reducing overall construction costs associated with the Houston Middle School project.