Hughes LPS Replacement

Project Detailsx

Client: ANTHC

Location: Hughes, AK

Year Completed:2021


> Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Services


Project Overviewx

The rural Alaskan community of Hughes operates a wastewater system that collects and conveys wastewater from the majority of the homes within the community. This wastewater system connects to a series of community septic tanks. The system includes a low-pressure sewer system (LPS) to collect and transfer flows from homes at the north end of the village. The LPS was installed in 2008, but the system experienced operational issues shortly after installation due to frequent freezing and pump failures. Additionally, the LPS system is expensive to operate, and the community is struggling with the ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

HDL worked with ANTHC and the Hughes Tribal Council to prepare a preliminary engineering report (PER) to identify options for an LPS replacement. HDL also worked with the community to better understand the wastewater problem and develop a ranking system based on ease of O&M, system longevity, and cost to select the preferred alternative: a gravity sewer collection and community lift station. The design for the new gravity sewer system is currently waiting on project construction funding.