Johns Road & Klatt Road Intersection Improvements

Project Detailsx

Client: DOT&PF

Location: Anchorage, AK

Year Completed: 2017


> Construction Administration


Project Overview x

The intersection of Johns Road and Klatt Road in south Anchorage sees traffic traveling between neighborhood residences, a nearby elementary school, and a local concrete and aggregate supplier.

Before construction, the intersection was controlled by a two-way stop condition, making left turns to and from Johns Road difficult during peak traffic hours. The intersection was also located near the top of a hill, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic. This Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project constructed a single-lane roundabout, provided better sight distance, and improved pedestrian access at the intersection.

This project also included widening Bragaw Street due to an increase in left turns from the 4-lane Bragaw Street to access adjacent businesses and residential neighborhoods. This project added a two-way center left-turn lane with median barriers as a solution.

HDL’s construction administration (CA) team coordinated day-to-day construction activities. The team provided construction inspection, prepared progress payments, performed SWPPP inspection, conducted and prepared minutes for progress meetings, and maintained project files and records. In addition, HDL worked with DOT&PF, the construction contractor, and the designers to keep the project moving toward completion.

Despite being a smaller roadway project, many complex elements required great attention to detail from HDL’s team. The project contained five separate funding sources, and coordination was needed between multiple utility contractors, the prime contractor, DOT&PF, the Municipality of Anchorage, and the public. In the end, the project was completed on time and with minimal change orders.