Kake Bulk Fuel Upgrades

Project Detailsx

Client: Alaska Energy Authority

Location: Kake, AK

Year Completed: 2017


> Engineering Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Investigation & Design Recommendations
> Environmental Services & Permitting
> Construction Administration
> Materials Testing & Inspection


Project Overview x

HDL played a pivotal role in the Kake Tribal Fuel Corporation bulk fuel tank farm and Inside Passage Electric Cooperative power plant upgrade project. As part of this project, HDL was responsible for developing a concept design and final design for the upgrades required to the existing facility. Working closely with the Alaska Energy Authority, our team performed preliminary research and collaborated with the community to understand their specific requirements.

To ensure that our designs would be effective, we conducted a detailed site investigation, which involved identifying the code deficiencies, maintenance problems, and environmental liabilities with the existing bulk fuel tank farm. Our team also prepared a comprehensive site investigation summary report that outlined the existing facility’s components, conditions, and maintenance history. This report helped us to identify the areas that required immediate attention and develop an effective solution to address the challenges.

Our team’s new design for the upgrades consisted of a variety of components, including gravel pads, a lined concrete containment dike, a truck fill shelter, horizontal fuel tanks, a power plant module, pumps and appurtenances, a contained distribution pipeline, a vehicle dispenser, and a marine header. These upgrades will not only extend the life of the facility but will also ensure it is safe and efficient to operate, protecting the environment and the health of the community.