Kenai Airport Term

Project Detailsx

Client: City of Kenai

Location: Kenai, AK

Year Completed: Ongoing


> Aviation Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Engineering
> Environmental Services
> Public Involvement
> Surveying & Mapping
> Construction Administration


Project Overviewx

Under this term agreement, HDL is currently delivering planning, design, and CA services for multiple significant projects. Below we highlight two of these tasks.

1. Sand Storage Building

HDL designed a new 5,600-square-foot sand storage building at the Kenai Airport featuring a double-bay design. The first bay is dedicated to sand storage with a single overhead door, meeting the airport’s sand storage needs. The second bay is intended for the storage of related equipment. HDL was responsible for leading the design process and overseeing the CA of the facility. During the construction phase, HDL is providing coordination, review of submittals and shop drawings, limited inspection, and material testing. This project has experienced significant delay for several reasons, including the use of a custom metal building rather than a PEMB. Based on this recent experience, we will be certain to specify a PEMB.

2. RW 02L/20R Rehabilitation

Kenai Airport’s primary runway, 02L/20R, is a 7,855-foot long, 150-foot wide paved runway connected to parallel TW A through five interlink taxiways. The runway’s pavement has received a PCI rating of 46, indicating the need for reconstruction. HDL conducted a geotechnical evaluation, confirming that the pavement has deteriorated beyond repair, necessitating replacement. However, the base and subbase layers remain intact, allowing the project to qualify as rehabilitation according to FAA standards. This is significant as it will reduce construction duration, minimize direct project costs, and mitigate lost revenue for the airport and city. Moreover, the airport edge lighting system is facing maintenance issues. Currently, HDL is collaborating on a design project to replace the runway pavement and use the parallel taxiway as a temporary runway. Subsequently, the taxiway pavement will be replaced, and both the runway and taxiway edge lighting systems will be upgraded to LED lights.