Little Meadow Creek

Project Detailsx

Client: DOT&PF

Location: Mat-Su, AK

Year Completed: 2022


> H&H Analysis
> Tier 1 Design
> Stream Simulation


Project Overview x

As part of the DOT&PF Parks Highway MP 44-52 Reconstruction project, HDL performed a bridge versus culvert analysis for the crossing at Little Meadow Creek. It was determined that the existing culvert would be replaced with a bridge.

HDL’s H&H engineers applied a Tier 1 design approach for this replacement project. The team used Stream Simulation methods to design the 750-foot realigned channel to enhance the creek’s fish habitat value and allow wildlife passage across the highway. In addition, the design integrated erosion protection to defend against channel degradation while simultaneously improving fish passage and enhancing riparian habitat for juvenile salmon.

Construction of the bridge was completed in the summer of 2022.