MOA Traffic Calming

Project Detailsx

Client: Municipality of Anchorage

Location: Anchorage, AK

Year Completed:2006-present


> Channelization & Signalization
> Pedestrian Safety Projects
> Traffic Engineering Studies & Design
> Traffic Data & Analysis
> Traffic Calming & Street Improvements


Project Overviewx

For the past 20 years, HDL has been trusted by state, federal, and various cities and borough departments to complete traffic engineering analyses and designs. This work has involved developing traffic-calming, pedestrian, and bicycle improvement strategies such as speed humps, intersection neckdowns, roundabouts, channelization, reduced crossing lengths, bike lanes, and pedestrian refuge areas.

Traffic calming protects everyone – drivers, pedestrians, individuals who use wheelchairs, and cyclists. Under various term contracts, HDL has worked with the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) to implement initiatives throughout the city. These efforts have included raised intersections and crosswalks, speed humps and cushions, bicycle lanes, radar speed limit signs, signage, Americans with Disabilities Act improvements, sidewalk extensions/additions, and pedestrian refuges.

This work not only increases safety but also enriches neighborhoods on several levels. With more than 350 projects completed within the MOA that have included traffic calming, bicycle, and pedestrian safety improvements, we’re proud that thousands can feel the impact of our work throughout the city.

Our transportation engineers carefully consider solutions that enhance street aesthetics and safety, improve walkability and cycling conditions, and reduce impacts on emergency services. To get the best result for each neighborhood, we work with residents and local stakeholders to learn about their concerns and determine the best solutions. These solutions can be controversial, so gaining public support is critical. While neighborhood residents frequently request calming measures, they are often opposed by citywide users.  Drivers can feel that speed bumps or bicycle lanes are inconvenient or cumbersome. Despite this, HDL has received public support on more than 200 traffic calming projects.