Old Nenana Highway/Ester Hill Rehabilitation

Project Detailsx

Client: DOT&PF

Location: Interior AK

Year Completed: 2018


> Transportation Planning & Design
> Geotechnical Engineering
> Environmental Services & Permitting
> Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis
> Public Involvement
> Construction and Bidding Assistance


Project Overview x

This project rehabilitated 9 miles of the Old Nenana Highway under 3R guidelines. The project included shoulder widening, substantial horizontal and vertical alignment changes, drainage improvements, and select embankment digouts. HDL provided 3R analysis, DSRs, and PS&E production. The HDL team skillfully navigated challenging terrain, fine-tuning the horizontal and vertical alignment to optimize cut/fills while minimizing utility, ROW, and environmental impacts.

HDL’s transportation group prepared the DSR and PS&E, and our environmental group prepared National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation and permitting for the project. The project required a Nationwide Permit from USACE to construct improvements within wetlands and two stream crossings. Although the project’s wetland impacts did not meet the criteria for an Individual Permit and were self-mitigating, HDL completed the permit application package on time without receiving any comments from DOT&PF before USACE submittal.

Finally, our engineers supported DOT&PF during the bidding and construction phases.