H&H Erosion Control

Hydrology and Hydraulics

HDL’s hydrology and hydraulics services cater to a wide range of water resources, civil, and environmental projects, including fish passage design, watershed modeling, flood control, channel improvement, and erosion mitigation. Our team also specializes in hydraulic analyses, impact analyses, detention design, crossing structure design, and floodplain mapping.

With limited funding often being a challenge for our clients, we strive to tailor our expertise to meet their project needs while ensuring cost-effectiveness. We are familiar with the workings of both urban and rural communities in Alaska and the processes involved in successfully planning, engineering, and implementing solutions to their water resource challenges.

Our engineers possess a wealth of experience in flood frequency analyses and hydrologic characterizations. They are well-versed in performing hydraulic modeling using HEC-RAS 1D and 2D models to forecast future flooding and erosion conditions, making us well-equipped to tackle any challenge thrown our way.

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